Why Long Island Doctors Are A Serious Problem

I am about to tell you a story about how Long Island doctors almost ruined my life. My name is Thomas Beringer and I am 23 years old from Suffolk County Long Island, I was a perfectly healthy kid for the most part growing up and that all changed when I was 16 years old. The first thing that started happening to me was weird stomach problems I never had before, uncontrollable urges to go to the bathroom, horrible pains all went unexplained. I had a colonoscopy done which came back normal and it was treated as irritable bowel syndrome for which none of the medications worked. One day I was working at was my current job at the time Subway Restaurants and that was the day my life changed for the worst. I had been getting pains in upper back left part of my skull for a few weeks before that on and off but it felt like just a normal headache. The day I was working at subway I started getting a horrible pain in the same area and the next thing I new my legs were weak, my vision was dimmed and my heart was racing. I ended up calling an ambulance for myself as I had no idea what was happening to me and was terrified. They took me to what is a horrific excuse for an emergency room Good Samaritan Hospital, upon my arrival the doctors looking me over and performed a CT Scan which revealed a left parietal region arachnoid cyst. They told me this was of no concern and I shouldn’t worry about it. What happened to me that day was only the beginning of my symptoms and the beginning of what has been a horrific journey. Over the next few years I developed other symptoms such as blurred vision, horrific headaches, muscle weakness, bladder problems, trouble standing for an extended period of time, intolerance to heat, memory problems, trouble concentrating, nausea, dizziness all of which were diagnosed as a psychiatric issues. In between these symptoms occurring I managed to see 11 different neurologist, had 15 visits to the Emergency Room due to pain or other symptoms causing major problems and every time they treated me as a psych patient at the emergency room at doctors office. The size of the cyst that was revealed was 3.6 x 4.5 x 1.9 cm, when I asked the doctors why I was still getting horrible pains they said it was all in my head. Now from what I recently found out from a doctor who finally took me seriously in the city I was a candidate for surgery a long time ago as they cyst was big enough to cause my symptoms. This has been verified by 3 different doctors since. Every time I ended up in the emergency room or at a different neurologist due to the previous not taking me seriously I put an emphasis on the fact I DID NOT WANT PAIN MEDICATION as it was not going to fix my problems and made me sick because they made my dizziness and nausea worse. In the end it didn’t matter and every doctor and the emergency room assumed that is what I was there for. After the pharmacy shooting any hope I had of a doctor on long island taking me seriously faded away as unless you had something easily diagnosable all they care about at this point is covering their butt from screw up they contributed too in a huge way with the pain killer problem. Instead of thinking I wasn’t a psych case or getting past the fact I was so young and having all these problems they labeled me as a young kid looking for drugs or as having a panic disorder. Now I played ball with them for 2 years giving them the benefit of the doubt I might have psychiatric problems and saw the director of psychiatry at South Oaks hospital. He tried every combination of medications you could think of at all different doses and nothing remotely helped what was going on with me. How fast doctors and emergency rooms turn to psychiatric medication on long island instead of giving patients the benefit of the doubt it isn’t that is beyond scary. It wasn’t until I finally ended up at NY Presbyterian Columbia in the city did a doctor finally take me seriously, do the tests that needed to be done and figure out the problem. I lost 7 years of my life as I am now 23 years old because doctors on long island assume they know exactly what type of person everyone is and have a major problem with writing scripts for psych medication. I will be finally having this cyst removed soon and as excited as I am it will make me feel much better there are 7 years of my life I wasn’t able to enjoy myself, do well in school, suffer in horrific pain at times and had to beg doctors to help with no luck. The doctors at Good Samaritan Hospital are the biggest joke on the planet, I have had them laugh at me, saying horrible things sitting at their desk to the nurses when they though I could not hear what they were saying. They did 5 ct scans on me and not once did they have neurology come talk to me or even suggest this cyst could be causing my problem all because I was a young kid that couldn’t possibly be having these problems unless I was crazy or a drug seeker. Make no mistake people the doctors on Long Island help in more ways than you know to cause this pain killer problem by being careless with how they wrote them, who they wrote them too and are no making people suffer because of their screw up. As people are addicted to pain killers they are addicted to ignorance, getting kick back for psych medications and stereotyping young people who could actually have real medical problems going on. I pray that nobody goes through what I did and a word of advice if you live on long island and are having health issues that are complex go into the city to have them sorted out because you will waste a lot of time money and emotion on attempting to figure it out.

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People are dumb!

I have lived with mostly women my whole life and figuring out their thought process is like trying to figure out all the mysteries in the universe. Women keep posting on fb how guys are assholes and that there are no good guys left but yet I constantly see the ones who post that are always going back to the guy that treats them like shit and then they complain about it. They always use the excuse that “I love him too much to leave” well then shut the hell up next time you are going to complain there are no good guys when you can’t even see past the one that treats you like shit! The fact is there are a lot of dirt bag guys out there for me to say that there aren’t would be a lie. But most of these guys are easy to spot from a mile away and girls know this they just keep going to the ones they know are bad because they have muscles or a nice car or think the look hot in a fitted hat. Ladies any guy and I’m talking about white guys right now that wears a fitted had talks like he is a gangsta doesn’t wear pants that fit or has muscles and a bad temper is more then likely an asshole because their ego is too big to fit in one room. Any guy that walks up to you and says “hey mami” or “whats good shorty” is more then likely a tool case and will never respect you. If your going after a guy or dating one just because of his looks or his car then you deserve to be unhappy because you are doing it for all the wrong reasons. Anyone can have those things ANYONE but if their personality is about as good as a wall then your better off talking to the wall all day because the wall can’t cheat on you or hit you or treat you like shit and leave you crying on facebook that there are no good guys left. I don’t care what anyone tells me if your ever going to be happy you need to be dating someone that has a personality and doesn’t only care about themselves and will treat you how you want to be treated and anyone who believes other wise is an idiot and will never be able to see past the clothes and the muscles and the cars. The other thing that annoys me is guys themselves, people like “the situation” from the jersey shore are the reason guys have a bad reputation before a girl even gets to know them. Guys like “the situation” deserve to be punched repeatedly in the face and then wiped off the face of the earth for being such a dirt bad. But he’s not the only one there are too many guys out there that think they are Gods gift too women and the reason they think this is because retarded women keep dating them or have sex with them knowing how big of a dirt bag they are. Any guy who acts like this is more then likely a walking STD and deserves to have his penis rot off his body. But women also have to realize they aren’t as innocent as they act or appear to be. There are plenty of sluts out there and make you guys look just as bad as the douche bag guys do to us. Life would be much easier if the sluts and dirt bags would find each other and live unhappy with one another and leave people who actually care out of it.

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Why religion drives me nuts!

There are many issues in this country right now but one of the biggest is religion. When I say that I don’t mean that people believing in a god is a problem, what I mean is that a lot of people don’t have any respect for what other people believe in. For some reason certian people under the belief that if someone doesn’t believe in their god or have the same religous view as them that the other persons religion is wrong, or that you can’t be a good person and have good moral values unless you believe the same thing as them. To calrify how idiotic this has gotten it has come to the point that people are ready to blow them selves up for a god they have no way of knowing even exists! You don’t need religion to have common sense or tell right from wrong and anyone who says other wise is confused. Religion may help to tell people what is right and what is wrong like “don’t steal” or “don’t kill” but society is advanced enough now a days that it common sense and you don’t need to read a religous book to find out that those things are wrong. The biggest problem today is that religion and politics are mixed way too much and this should not happen! The way a country is run can not and should not be run soley off relgious beliefs because so many people believe in so many different relgions which goes back to you don’t need a book to tell you what is right and what is wrong or what will truly benifit a country and the people living in it. Everyone has the right to believe what they want when they want but no one should be throwing it in someone elses face or tell them they are wrong beause your opinions differ. This country was found because people wanted religous tolerance but yet till this day people are still fighting and dying over something they aren’t even sure exists. You have every right to stand up for what you believe in but so does everyone else and you should respect what they believe in because its that persons belief. You wouldn’t want anyone walking up to you and telling you that you’r religion is incorrect so don’t do it to anyone else! For instance if your a born again christian your probaly stronger on your beliefs then most others but that doesn’t mean if you know someone that isn’t they aren’t a good person or as some say “they haven’t truly embraced god” you don’t know how strongly that person feels about what they believe in or if they even believe in a god at all, it’s there right to do what they want and it doesn’t mean they are a bad person, if you think that they are just because they aren’t the same relgion your a hypocrit and are a controdiction to your beliefs because God is suppose to be tolerant and by you not tolerating someone elses beliefs then your missing the whole point of religion and should shut your mouth because no one wants to hear you pressing your beliefs on someone else. Which brings me to extremist muslims, I don’t care what you believe in blowing people up because they don’t believe in Allah makes you look insane and you should be locked away for the rest of your life because your out of your mind. I myself am catholic and believe in God but I will be damned before you ever catch me walking into a crowd of people with a bomb on my chest to blow people up for a God that I will never meet until after I am dead and won’t know he even exists until I do die. The beauty of this country is you can belive what ever you want even if you think that little magical troll live in caves under ground and look to them as your god ( you are probaly on some good drugs or need to be instututionalized if thats the case) it’s what this country is all about and those who aren’t tolerant need to re-think what the purpose of religion is and start respecting other peoples beliefs. As far as politicans go they are the biggest hypocrits on the planet! They screw over a majority of the people in this country but then say God bless america and the end of their speech. People can barely afford their grocery bills or their car insurance and are losing jobs left and right they haven’t done a damn thing to help anyone but yet they claim to believe in God. They steal from their own, bailed out big companies with billions of our tax dollars but they are religous, gas prices are threw the roof and they don’t do anything to get them down yet they claim to believe in God. If your a politcian and you do any of these things religion is pointless because if there is a God your going straight to hell for what you have done and how hard you have made peoples lives who need to support their families while you sit on capital hill voting your selves a raise when you didn’t do a damn thing to earn it yet normal people are lucky if they even have a job. Don’t use the word god when you sit there robbing people when they are suffering raise taxes to fund programs most people don’t know exist, cut education funding so people can’t get a decent education and put a health care program in place thats going to cost people more money yet you don’t have to take it because your a politican and then claim you believe in God. The fact of the matter is this until the day comes when people start respecting other peoples beliefs and the rich politicans finally lose control of this country and other countries around the world nothing is going to change for the better. As great as religion is it’s the most dangerous force on the planet because it makes people do crazy thing and even kill people all for something they don’t even know exists. Believe what you want and respect the beliefs of others, you are not special and do not deserve special treatment because you believe one thing and someone else believes something different. Not to sound corny but humans are going to be stuck on this planet with each other for the foreseeable future, if people can’t show respect and tolerate one anothers beliefs then we are in deep trouble and there will never be peace on this planet. But more importantly until the day comes when people finally wake up and realize that the rich people in power are no good for this country nor have they been for any other civilization in history then don’t plan on your life getting any easier unless you hit the lotto because they will screw us over until their last breath GARUNDAMNTEED!!!

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