People are dumb!

I have lived with mostly women my whole life and figuring out their thought process is like trying to figure out all the mysteries in the universe. Women keep posting on fb how guys are assholes and that there are no good guys left but yet I constantly see the ones who post that are always going back to the guy that treats them like shit and then they complain about it. They always use the excuse that “I love him too much to leave” well then shut the hell up next time you are going to complain there are no good guys when you can’t even see past the one that treats you like shit! The fact is there are a lot of dirt bag guys out there for me to say that there aren’t would be a lie. But most of these guys are easy to spot from a mile away and girls know this they just keep going to the ones they know are bad because they have muscles or a nice car or think the look hot in a fitted hat. Ladies any guy and I’m talking about white guys right now that wears a fitted had talks like he is a gangsta doesn’t wear pants that fit or has muscles and a bad temper is more then likely an asshole because their ego is too big to fit in one room. Any guy that walks up to you and says “hey mami” or “whats good shorty” is more then likely a tool case and will never respect you. If your going after a guy or dating one just because of his looks or his car then you deserve to be unhappy because you are doing it for all the wrong reasons. Anyone can have those things ANYONE but if their personality is about as good as a wall then your better off talking to the wall all day because the wall can’t cheat on you or hit you or treat you like shit and leave you crying on facebook that there are no good guys left. I don’t care what anyone tells me if your ever going to be happy you need to be dating someone that has a personality and doesn’t only care about themselves and will treat you how you want to be treated and anyone who believes other wise is an idiot and will never be able to see past the clothes and the muscles and the cars. The other thing that annoys me is guys themselves, people like “the situation” from the jersey shore are the reason guys have a bad reputation before a girl even gets to know them. Guys like “the situation” deserve to be punched repeatedly in the face and then wiped off the face of the earth for being such a dirt bad. But he’s not the only one there are too many guys out there that think they are Gods gift too women and the reason they think this is because retarded women keep dating them or have sex with them knowing how big of a dirt bag they are. Any guy who acts like this is more then likely a walking STD and deserves to have his penis rot off his body. But women also have to realize they aren’t as innocent as they act or appear to be. There are plenty of sluts out there and make you guys look just as bad as the douche bag guys do to us. Life would be much easier if the sluts and dirt bags would find each other and live unhappy with one another and leave people who actually care out of it.


About tjber89

I'm very opinionated and believe in saying what I believe in so I'm looking forward to my new blog =)
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